Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Hydroseeding
  • Hydro-Stolonizing
  • Hydromulching with Tackifiers
  • Drill Seeding
  • Land Imprinting
  • Dust Control and Soil Binders
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix
  • Flexible Fiber Matrix
  • Stabilized Fiber Matrix



Hydroseeding is an efficient, cost effective method of applying, in one application, seed, mulch and fertilizer on any soil condition. Whether it is a housing development or a single yard, with a careful application of appropriate seed mixtures, we can stabilize eroding slopes, enrich adverse soil, and repair exposed land. Hundreds of species of native and ornamental plants, grasses, trees and flowers can be hydroseeded to enhance any landscape. With proper preparation and maintenance, your projects will germinate and grow.


Stolon application is the process by which cuttings of living, perishable plant material (i.e. hybrid Bermuda grass) is mixed with mulch, water and fertilizer and placed into specialized hydroseeding equipment to be applied onto the ground. This type of planting is used primarily, but not limited to, golf courses, parks and schools at a fraction of the cost of sod.


Drill seeding is the process by which seeds are placed in the ground at targeted depths and covered. Because the method provides close contact of the seed & soil, the ratio of successful germination is far greater. Drill seeding is particularly suited to re-vegetating flat expansive areas such as pipelines, landfills and mine sites.


HydroPlant Hydroseeding has innovated a process for dry seeding on large, flat, open areas called Imprinting. This process is done by a piece of equipment called a “Land Imprinter," a machine designed by Bob Dixon, which we have modified to suit our needs. The Land Imprinter, pulled by a tractor, rips the ground, seed is dispensed and Mycorrhizal can be added at the same time. The roller finishes the process by making a waffle pattern in the soil to hold moisture.


HydroPlant can repair exposed land, enrich adverse soil and stabilize eroding slopes. Hydro-Plant specializes in applying a variety of erosion control products. Being in business since 1979, we know how to exactly determine what types of erosion control work best for the land and that will best adapt to a particular environment. We use the most modern equipment and ensure timely service. Considering today’s storm water regulations, spray applied erosion control materials are an excellent solution to help control erosion during the California rainy season.


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